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Using Email Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Today, more and more marketers are leveraging on social media to reach consumers and masses as people are well-versed with the language of this network. According to a latest survey, about one-third of marketers today are now planning to combine both email marketing and social media. The data reveals further that the incorporation of email marketing campaigns on social media network is at an elementary stage for now. Over seventy percent of emails come with social media buttons and about thirteen to fourteen percent of emails undergo optimization with social images. Among the social media networks that are popular, Instagram is the propeller for brands.

Now, you can send your post to Instagram while sending an email as it helps your effort and time. With the inclusion of the content of email marketing campaign and website, or sharing images for brand promotion among your followers is one of the most popular strategies. However, before giving shape to your efforts, you need to focus on the following aspects.

  • Be sure to send the amalgamation for every social network including Instagram where you want to post. Checking out various options, such adding Instagram to the Facebook page can help you materialize the effort.
  • While imitating an email with the inclusion of social post, the same setting stays in the copied mail.
  • If you need to find out how the posts in social networks in the mail interact with Social Cards, you must know how to enable and customize the cards.
  • The posts of Instagram are available for email campaigns.
  • Instagram posts can include a little over two thousand characters and you will get recommendations to add URL’s top post as it is not possible to copy or click the URL on the caption of Instagram.
  • You can add one image for Instagram post and the animated GIF’s will be displayed as static here.

Using content of Instagram in email

Using Instagram content in your email newsletters is a norm you can follow as well, but you will notice a prevalence of social images here. Data reveals that seventy-five percent of emails come with social icons, the percentage of using Instagram content is seemingly low. When it comes to social engagement, you can hardly surpass the popularity of Instagram as it delivers about thirty percent more engagement than Facebook and about sixty percent more than Twitter. Sources also reveal that the style of photography of Instagram successfully increased the rates of click-through rates along with the rate of conversion.

Moreover, it is easy to add the icon of Instagram connect it to your email. Using your own content with relevant images to the mail along with a driving factor such as email is a major crowd-pulling element. To buy real Instagram likes, you can try a few sources that are genuine to get confirmed results.

Sharing images with email subscribers

If you are trying to share snaps automatically from the Instagram account, you will brighten the prospect of your brand. Previously, you could not send photos automatically as Instagram did not provide RSS feed. Now, you can do it readily with Webstagram, which is a free service. Furthermore, you can also add images to the RSS campaign that recur, and it is easy enough to carry them to the email templates. If you are keen to share the images automatically and regularly, you can do it as well. For integrating Instagram posts in the mail, you have to locate the image at first and click on three dots situated at the bottom of the image. After completing this step, you can click on embed and then copy the link of HTML to follow the prompts on embedding software.

Taking the right steps for bringing Instagram content in email

The following are a few steps you need to consider to add Instagram content in your email.

  • Applying UGC or user-generated content in email marketing

To display products in a suitable manner, try to source images who used them in real life from personal accounts. When tapping into UGC on Instagram for email marketing, you can get a careful selection of images that are not only ready to use but trustworthy as well. Reports reveal that UGC makes marketing more approachable and progressive resulting in better rate of engagement in social media. Every brand on social network needs to utilize customized hashtags, one for the brand and the other for SMM. Furthermore, you need to show people that you care about their readiness to start communicating.

  • Share and save Instagram Stories through email newsletters

Sharing newsletters is a basic aspect of email marketing as it allows you to connect with subscribers and create positive relationship with customers. However, you need to stay careful as some people do not prefer newsletters. Email marketing becomes valid when you have content that provides value to subscribers.

  • Using original content for emails

Try to keep the photos intact in their original form to be used in an easy location. Repurposing the Instagram feed is essential with images while using them as visual elements for your email marketing. You can try a few takes instead of choosing one method. For instance, you can use original images, which allows you to use the same shot over and over again ad edit it to suit your purpose. You can also use fully edited images into your email layouts, which is the perfect option for marketers trying to align social media with email marketing. You can play with colors, use grid, try to stay simple with your approach and balance all of the above to appeal to more customers.

When it comes to writing effective Instagram content for targeting your email marketing campaign, you have to figure out who you are focusing and shape it accordingly. From balancing language, clarity, and tine, you need to know how to communicate the message properly. The primary reason for the effectiveness of Instagram content is how it relates to customers.

Using Instagram content profitably

One of the most effective way of using email with Instagram is using contests as it consolidates the nature of images. You can try to tell your readers to vote for the best image is easy and simple for them and original hashtags with them for more effective results.

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