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Top Reasons Why Hollywood Filmmakers Should Leverage Instagram

Instagram is a truly versatile platform for Hollywood stars who no longer share just pictures of their designer outfits or new hairdos. For many Hollywood celebrities, Instagram is like a cottage industry. It is the latest way of earning quick and easy money by promoting products. For several movie networks and studios besides producers and directors, Instagram is the perfect platform for marketing and publicizing upcoming projects. We know that modern studios have also started custom-cutting trailers, especially for Instagram.

As per, it surely makes sense for Hollywood, the most visually-inspiring city on Earth to opt for Instagram, the most visually-inspiring social media platform. In this context, you must know that Instagrammers are generally young people, around 53% of them being in the age group between 18 years to 29 years of age. Moreover, Instagram is playing the role of an amazing personal PR machine for numerous Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Instagram can be leveraged as a versatile platform for curating a public image without devoting any time to photo sessions and interviews.

Create Your Brand

Filmmakers are essentially creative people using their talents to engage the audience with the innovative treatment of the story. It is natural for the Instagram posts of filmmakers to mirror their creative personas and indeed many filmmakers treat Instagram as an extension of themselves on digital media. Instagram is a wonderful opportunity for people involved in making films to showcase their creative expressions and passions as diverse as they may be. You can use Instagram to publish posts that represent what and how you would like your audience to perceive you.

The range of subjects can naturally be quite diverse and range from advances in set construction, the latest camera and lighting equipment, post-production techniques, special effects, and whatever you would like to project about yourself. When you use Instagram to consistently display your talent in any particular field, you will see it becoming a part of your Instagram persona, and in effect achieve a kind of personal branding by which people can differentiate you from the others in the same industry.

The advantage of posting on Instagram is that your posts are available round-the-clock for anyone interested in you. Your Instagram feed is a unique opportunity to build your brand that carries weight not only to those interested in films but also to your peers in the movie industry. Many potential opportunities can be unlocked when industry professionals in search of people with some special talents check out your Instagram posts and use the impression they form about your work and your professional aptitude to reach out for interesting collaborations. Think of your Instagram account as a massive digital billboard on which you can advertise yourself continuously and build your brand with time and consistent effort. It is best way for Instagram with the help of a digital marketing company to boost your brand awareness online.

Build an Online Portfolio   

Putting together the portfolio of your best works online via a website is not new, however, with social media, especially those that are visually-oriented like Instagram; filmmakers have the opportunity of being on the same platform as many of their industry peers. While this is not to say that you should not have your portfolio on your website but there are many obvious advantages of using online platforms that make interaction and communication so much easier and convenient.

It does not take a genius to understand that Instagram is ideal for hosting a personalized film portfolio. Not only can you add content whenever you like but also put in the right intervals between posts to create a content scheduling consistency that is expected by your followers. Importantly, you can create remarkable visibility for your works with a unique color scheme that makes your posts stand out from the usual clutter. Because your Instagram profile is publicly accessible, everyone, including potential collaborators, can check out your portfolio because you are on a social media platform that everyone in the creative world is generally familiar with.

Learn New Things and Get Inspired

The filmmaking profession isn’t one for lone wolves. The community will play a huge part in your journey as a filmmaker and auteur. If you can draw inspiration, stay connected, gather knowledge from experts and remain competitive and abreast of the latest trends, you will be successful for sure. There are perhaps no better channels to achieve each of these aspirations than Instagram. You can follow and engage with the top creative minds in your domain, see what new technology and techniques they use, the projects they work on, and the productivity and organization regimens that they follow. Whether you are looking to be informed or inspired, there is no better place you can go to.


Instagram is a powerful platform that allows everybody to flaunt their creative work, share their upcoming projects, and showcase mesmerizing camera builds. It has been instrumental in bringing down the barriers that had kept Hollywood filmmakers apart. Today, thanks to Instagram, the Hollywood community of filmmakers seems to be well- connected.

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