The Ultimate Guide for Your First Gaming Tournament

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Esports are among the fastest-growing sectors in the gaming industry. From LAN parties and obscure gatherings, it has become one of the most profitable and popular activities. Games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota, and many others have seen a massive influx of new players, thanks to esports and gaming tournaments that made it popular. These tournaments often have prize pools in seven figures, so it is no wonder that many players want to participate. Even consolation prizes offer an opportunity to get your hands on some serious cash or valuable equipment. If you are among those who want to try their luck at competing in esports, we have some helpful advice for you.

Be Realistic with Your Goals

It would be a tad unrealistic to expect to win your first tournament. At this point, the most important thing you can get out of a tournament is experience. See what it feels likes, what kind of competition you will be facing, and what are your advantages over them. It will also give you a chance to test your favorite tactics in tournament settings and see how they work against pros. This experience can be invaluable in your later endeavors when you are ready to attack the top positions. The other things you should try and achieve are networking and making a few friends. If you are serious about competing, you will see a lot of them at every tournament you visit. Having a friend or two can make the tournament experience so much more pleasurable.

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Plan Your Trip in Detail

Make sure you know every detail about various events and when they are starting. Yes, the official starting time may be at 10 AM, but you probably need to be there a few hours earlier to sign up. IT would really suck to arrive and discover that you have missed some deadline and your entire trip was in vain. Check the official website and organize transportation accordingly. If you have a chance, getting here a day early is ideal. That way you can start your tournament day relaxed and after a good night’s sleep, instead of being tired from being on the road or on a plane since midnight. Always leave a safety margin, in case your flight or train gets delayed for some reason.

Be Prepared

Each gaming tournament has its own perks and peculiarities. Make sure to know them beforehand. All the info you need can be found online, on their websites and esports online forums. For instance, if you are planning on participating in an online slot tournament, find out what games they will be using, what are the starting funds, bet limits, and any other relevant information. This can save you a lot of headaches down the road and prevent any nasty surprises organizers may throw at you. For instance, some tournaments ban the use of cell phones for the duration, and even having one on you can get you banned. Finding out about that rule after the fact will put a dent in your tournament experience.

Bring Your Own Snacks

IT is probably safe to assume that your forts tournament visit will be on a budget. In that case, you can save a lot of money by bringing your own snacks and drinks. Buy a cheap plastic cooler and stuff it with the things you will need. If you don’t, you will be forced to buy them inside the venue, and those prices can be nosebleed-inducing. A 100% markup is a common thing and on bigger tournaments, prices can be even higher. Also, despite what popular movies teach us, excessive coffee consumption can be a bad thing. You will need a clear head if you are to have any chance of winning a match and getting over caffeinated will surely decrease your odds of that. Another thing to consider is that you can’t just hit pause and head for the bathroom, so do your bladder a favor and monitor your drinks intake.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Right off the bat, we need to clarify a few things. You may be able to dominate your friends when you play against them online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have any success against the pros. Playing at gaming tournaments, even minor ones, is vastly different from playing your regular online matches. If you want to have any chance of succeeding, you need to be on top of your game and the best way to do it is to practice as much as possible. In this regard, esports are just like any other sports. Practice makes perfect. But to maximize the effects of practice, you need suitable opponents. Curb stomping your friends just won’t cut it. Find players that will challenge you and force you to play your best.

Above All, Have Fun

Above everything else, have fun. Participating in a gaming tournament can be a memorable experience, even if you don’t win any prizes. Getting to know new people, making new friends, playing in front of an audience, all will give you memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. But if all you do is fret about your ranking, you will miss out on them. Yes, achieving high rank is important, but not necessarily the most important thing about taking part in a gaming tournament. Many people participate just so that they can experience the feeling of being a part of it, even though they know their chances of actually winning something are very slim.

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