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The list of changes implemented for Brexit transition Content share with Blogger

The world suffered a big blow when the United Kingdom decided to exit the European Union. The decision was first announced in 2016 when the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, but it was only on Dec 31st that the Brexit deal was signed. But why did the UK took four years to act upon this deal? Both the UK and the European Union decided to keep a lot of things the same till December 31, 2020. This was decided to provide enough time for both sides to work on the new trade deal that would replace the existing ones.


The United Kingdom is highly regarded for its transportation and how it allows an easy journey between the European countries and the UK. With the Brexit deal coming into existence, this is one of the many things that have changed. The freedom of working and living anywhere between the United Kingdom and the EU has also ended. UK citizens will now be needing a visa if they want to stay in the EU. The condition, however, only applies if you are going to stay in the EU for more than 90 days.


Apart from this, the Brexit deal also brings in new trade policies. When the United Kingdom was part of the EU, the companies were free to purchase and sell goods across the European Union, without paying taxes. To be fair to both sides, both the UK and the EU have now agreed to some new rules and guidelines on worker’s rights. The Brexit deal has also given the United Kingdom freedom to decide on its trade policy with other countries in the world. While we have mentioned what the Brexit deal means for the people living in the UK and EU, it is important to look at this deal from an immigration point of view, since the United Kingdom sees a large number of immigrants flowing in the country from across the globe. The government recently released a statement, announcing the change in the immigration rules that will be taking place now.


The visa application process for EU nationals and non-EU nationals will now be the same. The government also added four new routes to obtain a visa for the United Kingdom. Amongst these four categories, the skilled worker route is also included, which has now replaced the Tier 2 General Visa category. The other categories that have been added to the new route for visas include Hong Kong British National (overseas) route and the S2 healthcare visitor route. As a result of the replacement of Tier 2 General visa category, the skilled worker route will place the EEA nationals under the global point immigration system, bringing them at par with the citizens of other countries.


If you are thinking of working in the United Kingdom, you should get in touch with an immigration lawyer in the UK, to have a better understanding of the new visa that has been set in place. An immigration lawyer in the UK would help to understand the new procedure that will be followed and whether or not you qualify for the SKILLED WORKER ROUTE. This new visa is also likely to reduce the burden of the businesses. People belonging to different economic strata from around the globe try to find ways to enter into one of the developed economies. While the process on the outside may seem easy, but with the new rules imposed in the United Kingdom, it is crucial to seek some help. In this case, an immigration lawyer in the UK would be the best help one can get, as they are pretty much caught up on the new rules and the guidelines. Most of the third world countries have an abundance of manpower, which is willing to work. Some of them use this as an opportunity to go out of the country to earn more. If someone is willing to come to the UK for work, he/she would be applying via the skilled worker route, if they are eligible.


The change in the laws after the Brexit deal was likely to make the United Kingdom less attractive to the immigrants, but it seems as if the country has managed that by revising the policies in a way that still appeals to them. The Resident Labour Market Test has been capped off as well.


The new set of guidelines for the immigrants is also expected to bring in some relief for the employers based in the United Kingdom and their businesses. However, the prospective applicants and the ones already staying and working in the UK might need some sort of reassurance, both from the employer and the government’s end. Will the world see more significant changes with the Brexit deal coming into place? Will the UK, start exercising its freedom while trading with other countries?


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