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The Logitech Embody Gaming Chair Costs $1500 and it Seems Totally Worth it

Logitech has announced one of the most unique gaming chairs called the Embody. The company has partnered with Herman Miller, known for its lavish office chairs, to create a chair that is comfortable and focuses on your health. It doesn’t come cheap and at $1495 (~Rs 1,11,740) it is definitely more expensive than buying a high-end graphics card for your PC.

According to the company, the chair offers seven points of calibration along with the ability to adjust to your posture and spine position. There is also a natural tilting mechanism and something the company calls “Dynamic Pixel Circulation,” which helps to distribute weight during your gaming sessions. Herman Miller already sells the Embody chair but by joining hands with Logitech it is trying to convince the gamer audience. The new Logitech branded Embody gaming chair brings in some changes including an all-black finish with some blue accents. There is also a copper-infused foam in the back cushion to keep you cool while you game. The minimalist look might not appeal to all, but the chair maker makes some tall claims.

The design was apparently finalised by taking inputs from physicians and PhDs. With over 150 small supports around the chair it is claimed to improve blood flow and reduce your heart rate while you sit on it. It also features a twistable knob at the back that adjusts the angle of the back support. You can adjust it the way you like depending on whether you have a curved back, or just straighten it out. There’s also a four-step level for the recliner, unlike other chairs that offer an all-or-nothing switch for reclining. There’s a knob beneath the right armrest that can be used to adjust the tilt tension and there’s another joystick in the middle, that can be used to lower and raise the hydraulics on the chair.

Notably, the chair is made up of 42-percent recycled materials and is up to 95-percent recyclable. Considering the pricing, we believe that this might be the least of a gamer’s concerns. You also get a 12-year warranty which means you shouldn’t be worried when spending all that money.