Significant Difference Between Android And iOS Mobile Game Apps Development

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We all have Smartphone in our hands. Today none of us can imagine a mobile set without game app. Mobile games are one of the most important developments of technology because they brought in a gaming experience within a smaller screen, namely Smartphone!

Nowadays, we download most of the mobile game applications from an app store. Mobile app development basically can be understood as the process in which an app is developed for the sole purpose of using it for mobile. The mobile app cannot be used on the desktop, or a larger screen, because they are explicitly made for mobiles. Mobile game apps development is the process by which a mobile game app is developed.

The platforms for app development

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There are mainly two platforms for mobile game apps development. They are the Android platform and iOS platform. Both the operating systems have a lot in common. Such standard features are zoom operation, tapping, swiping, lock screen, etc. However, there are dissimilarities too between them. These differences affect the development process of an application.


All of us know the difference in the popularity and market share of both the operating systems. Now let’s read about the dissimilarities in the mobile game app development of both the systems.

Programming Language

Android and iOS operating systems use different programming languages. Android mobile game apps use java language. Java is widespread and is most preferred by developers, whereas iOS game apps use Apple’s Objective C language. Developers knowing C and C++ languages can learn this language quickly.

Development Platform

Android has an open development platform. It supports third-party apps and tools. This feature helps developers to add more functionality to an application. On the other hand, Apple’s own Mobile game apps development platform does not allow any third-party app or tool. Here experimentation of new things becomes hard due to this feature.

Process of Development

iOS development is easier than android development. Having its tools, it is easy for iOS to code things. While using different numbers of tools, it becomes harder for Android.

Stability and Versatility

iOS mobile game apps development platform is more stable and has various limitations.

On the other hand, the android mobile game apps development platform is more versatile and dynamic.

Time Consumption

Android mobile game apps development is time-consuming. Lack of fragmentation and a variety of tools takes time, whereas iOS developers create one application for all the platforms. Thus they have less work, and it takes less time.

Cost to develop an app

There is a difference in the costing for mobile game app development for both devices. In Android, there are innumerable devices and platforms. Hence, Android app developers have to develop a variety. It leads to more cost while compared to the iOS mobile app development process.


The development process decides the design of a particular app. The model differs from both the devices. Each one has a unique feature. The fundamental difference is in the button styles.

Google Vs. iOS Store

There is a significant difference between the stores of the two platforms. Apple has strict verification. For Apple, the apps have to meet various standards and guidelines. On the other hand, Android does not go through any strict verification process like iOS. That is precisely why the play store has hundreds of fake apps in their store.

Testing Environment

To develop an app, QA testing is done, and it is an essential component of the developing prices of an app. Similar things are done for both app and game development. The iOS simulator is faster than the android emulators. Whereas, an android emulator is more effective, virtual, and realistic. Android platform developers have several tools to check their game application before publishing. The testing Environment in iOS is not that good when compared to Android.

Publishing Process

In the publishing process, Android has taken the lead. After initial approval, the game application is live at the play store in the case of Android. But in iOS, the Apple Store will test the game application for every possible bug, after which they are published.


In the case of Mobile game apps development, the interface is vividly different for both the devices. Apple loves the bottom tab bar while Android is basically simple and comes with switch hamburger navigation. A hamburger approach means the top tab bar. This is easy for users to understand every detail easily. IOS developers even prefer this approach. Apple plays its game on smooth, complex, and robust animations. Whereas , Android gives maximum importance to the hardware.

Preferences and access permission

Preferences and access permissions are better organized in the iOS devices. Here we all find them in a specific category. We find these in the general preference section of the device. On the other hand, preferences and access permissions are more scattered in Android. Here we have to search through the device a little more to find the settings.


ASO can be expanded as App Store Optimization, which works differently for both devices. E.g., the title of an app is the place where you place all your relevant keywords, which makes it visible and ranks above all. There are various other defenses, and both the devices have different meanings attached to it.


iOS users have to pay hefty money for using the apps. On the other hand, android game applications are usually free to download. Android makes money through the ads that they use.

Availability of game apps

Game developers offer to release their games in the Apple App Store first. Then it becomes available on Android. Evidence shows that iOS users spend considerably more money than Android users on game apps. As always, money is the dominant motive behind app development. That is why they avail their games first on iPhones.

Reliable user experience

Research says iPhone users enjoy more seamless Gameplay with less error in comparison to Android users. The differences are insignificant when the games are developed by some of the top app developers like PUBG. At the same time, it is also true that Google Play Store exposes us to a wider variety of quality games.


Creators are continually trying out newer methods and giving rise to some exquisite original apps. They are working to improve and implement new features in Mobile game apps development regularly. Android and iOS both have some of the premium games that run smoothly on each device. Though the two mobile game development platforms are continually competing, both are lovely platforms for developing an application. Preference for any development platform varies depending on one’s own choice and requirement.

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