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Sachin Pilot Adjustments Twitter Bio, Drops Congress Designations

Sachin Pilot was sacked from the Rajasthan government after he publicly revolted (File)

New Delhi:

Sachin Pilot dropped his designations from his Twitter bio soon after he was sacked as Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Congress president in the state. His nameplate was also removed from the Congress headquarters in state capital Jaipur in visible signs of an imminent divorce.

As soon as Sachin Pilot, 42, changed his bio, tweets commented on it.

His bio now says “MLA from Tonk, Former Minister of IT, Telecom and Corporate Affairs, GOI/Commissioned officer, territorial army.”

Earlier, instead of MLA from Tonk, the bio read: “Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, President, Rajasthan Congress.”

Sachin Pilot’s nameplate was removed from the Congress office and another naming Govind Singh Dotasra as Rajasthan chief has been put up.

Mr Pilot was sacked from the Rajasthan government after he publicly revolted against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and skipped two meetings. The rebel leader camped in Delhi with his supporters, adamant on the top job denied to him in 2018.

He stayed cold to the party leadership’s overtures while the Congress alleged that he was in touch with the BJP, a party that has snatched two big states – Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh — from the Congress since last year, enabled by high-profile resignations and revolt.

The BJP has talked about a floor test, claiming that the Ashok Gehlot government has lost its majority.

The Congress has 100 MLAs at the moment – 90 of its own and the rest, independents and smaller parties. Ashok Gehlot needs 101 MLAs to vote for him in the 200-member assembly.