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PUBG Mobile India Return May Bring in Rs 6 Crore Esports Tournament: Report

PUBG Mobile India is set to return soon. (Image: YouTube)

It is being reported that the minimum salary of Tier 1 PUBG Mobile India gamers will be around Rs 40,00 to Rs 2,00,000.

  • Last Updated: November 21, 2020, 13:32 IST

PUBG Mobile fans in India are excited about the game’s return to the country after the developers announced that PUBG Mobile will come back as a specifically tailored Indian version of the game, PUBG Mobile India. Now, a report has added to the excitement as it says that the game developers may organise PUBG Mobile India tournaments with as much as Rs 6 crore prize pools. It is being reported that PUBG Mobile India will be launched before the end of this year.

According to a professional PUBG Mobile gamer who goes by the name GHATAK, the first prize for a PUBG Mobile India tournament will be 6 crores. Further, he also said that professional PUBG Mobile India players’ salaries will also be increased once the game is launched in the country. While there is not much substance to GHATAK’s tweet apart from his own word, PUBG creators have said that they will invest heavily in hosting esports leagues exclusively for India. GHATAK said that the minimum salary of Tier 1 PUBG Mobile India gamers will be around Rs 40,00 to Rs 2,00,000.

It is not known when exactly the game will be launched in India. Reports online suggest that it could be any day, that the game could drop for eager gamers in the country. Yesterday it was being reported that PUBG Mobile India could drop for Android users as soon as today. However, those reports proved to be false. PUBG Mobile India is a highly anticipated game ahead of its launch. According to recently released pre-registration numbers, the game has received 200,000 pre-registrations, much ahead of FAU-G, which was supposed to be PUBG Mobile’s local alternative for Indian Gamers.

It is also being reported that PUBG Mobile India players will be able to transfer their profiles and earned rewards from PUBG Mobile before it was banned by the government under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

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