Pre schools are scheduling to focus on some new methods of learning

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Education is major thing in anyone’s life whether anyone is child or not.  But yes, education is one of basic thing which everyone must have. On the other hand, childhood education plays a great role in the lives of people and since a new education has been introduced people have got much aware towards education.

We know how covid 19 has affected major areas of life from business to education to leading daily lifestyle. It is not about only today but it is also about tomorrow and every day.  Education is one of those things which is going to stay with us even today and tomorrow.  There is on the other hand without education there is nothing.

Spread awareness among people

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It is so important for every people that they pay some special attention towards education and we all know what the condition is.  This is why, every individual must take the responsibility towards education and make it possible for people around us.  That is why, here some of the pre-school had decided to plan something for their kids so before they embark on their journey towards education could be hassle free.  On the other note, this is a wise step because childhood is one of the best things and the whole education is based on this.

If they would get the right education in their basics they would also perform better later.  So here is the list of best preschool.

  1. Dudes and Dolls The cosmic Schools  

However this school was earlier embarked on under the guidance of Rites Rawal in the year 2012 in Delhi.  Since then this school never looked back and just got some of the better options and some of the best way to find things out.  The schools are now a days is getting designed in such a way so that they can find out things way easier and also get the best.

  1. Kangaroo kids

This was established back in 1993 in Mumbai. There is in fact,  a lot to learn from it and there is in fact a lot they have given to their students.  Education must be for everyone and these schools are helping people with this.  This school is helping people with different activities.

  1. Hello kids

This is also one of the best pre- primary school in India which has taken people to a different level and has helped people to grow education wise. So you can go out and decide whatever you want.

Education is suffering these days, but by playing small part we all can save our future as well as others.  There is a lot about these things and people need to take care of those things and learn how people can participate and help people.  However government has also taken  major step towards these days and it is of course crucial time for all the people.  Education is one of those things which is utter basic need of people and they all need to take right step for the right thing.

What major steps should be towards education in 2021

Well we all know that education is actually mandatory thing, and people should definitely not overlook it. That is why, the government these days and people should participate equally to make it easier and full of quality. You can see simply the situation around yourself it is if course not so favourable and on the other hand, there is more.  Yes, along with government people. Should equally participate and play a major role so by visiting nearby your schools you can also make people aware.  However you can teach some of the children at your building or nearby home.  This is so important that people get aware and play a role equally like the government is taking.  They are also on the other hand introducing some of the tools for educating children with the best education.

Highlights of the day

There is a lot about these days and there are in fact many highlights.  Like schools are reopening and many students would still learn remotely.  Plus, the news has broken up recently that board exams of 10th and 12th classes will not be taken and students will be given grace marks.  They will be passed and moved to other class.

The other news which has broken off is that Delhi govt is setting up six- members Committee for preparing blueprint for virtual school.  On the other hand, educational institutions in Himachal will be closed till mid April.  And from class 9 to 12 the syllabus has got changed and reintroduced a new one for 2021-2022. There is a lot about education and IISC, Prorigo team has built a home grown I management software for academic institutions and small attorney firms.

It will be wonderful to see what will be the results for the students and how things will be different for them this time. Education is suffering more than anything and people should not forget that there is not anything more important than education. However government is doing everything under its power and understanding to make things way easier.  It is one of the Burning topic today people cannot ignore.  They can also find some of the ways to do it nicely and easier.  It is something which people must not overlook or compromise for anyone. In fact, there is a lot about it and there is in fact, it is everything which helps people on growing and helping others even.

There is a lot to find out news related to education but what people should not ignore is their education. It is something which brings people lots of things and also it is something people really should not forget or ignore.  So educate yourself whether any schools are open or not.  This is the right time to tell yourself that you can do it and learn and grow wherever you are.  Also help others also to grow into life.

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