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I’ve Been Flooded with Quite a Few Offers So It Feels Really Vindicating, Says Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta, who helped launch the #MeToo movement in the country three years ago, is slowly moving past her trauma and working on rebuilding a pathway back to herself and feeling whole. She is currently making headlines for her incredible body transformation– and it is almost impossible not to notice she shed more than 18 kilograms.

“I’m enjoying all the love, adulation, and compliments that are coming my way from fans, well-wishers, and industry folks in Bollywood,” Tanushree, who celebrates her birthday today, tells us.

“Looks are an important aspect of our profession and all successful artistes are mindful of their health and fitness. I’m getting screen ready again and that’s what people are witnessing in my life journey. Isn’t it exciting to witness someone rise from the grave? To resurrect from ashes despite being written off multiple times over body, looks, acceptability?”

Tanushree may not be immune to the unfair scrutiny women face in the public eye, but clearly, she’s tackling all the unnecessary hate head-on.

She says, “It’s so amazing that my whole life journey from the time I won the Miss India Universe title till now is like a movie that people have seen in real-time. It has the highs, the lows, and so much more that cannot fit into one book. I hope I have been a good example and a good influence throughout my life. Moving forward I’m going to have a blast… and I will have so much fun doing what I do that my detractors will burn with jealousy.”

The actress is also gearing up to make a comeback in films and has been approached for a couple of projects already. “I have been flooded with quite a few work offers and calls lately so that feels really good and vindicating,” she says.

“There’s a possibility I can foray into the international cinema at some point in the future as well but I’m confused about finding the right representation as Hollywood is new territory. I will only explore with correct guidance. So for now I’m focused on Bollywood and the South film industry since it’s home turf and I’m very comfortable here. There’s trust here already towards me due to the time I’ve been around as an artiste. Don’t slot me or write me off just yet. I have much to offer this world as an artiste and as a human being. So please have faith and have patience I will do some good things while I’m around.”

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