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Its Millenials vs Gen Z on social media and we’re loving it!

New Delhi: The Millennials who were once the cool and trendy people have now been dethroned by Gen Z.  All those who are born between 1981 and 1996 are called Millennials while those born in 1997 and after fall under the Gen Z category. 

While Millenials pioneered the internet boom, Gen Z was born after it.

The latest fad on TikTok got Gen Z hooked to it. The youngsters took to the video-sharing platform to roast Millenials for their choices. Read about the embarrassing stereotypes about Millenials that Gen Z loves to poke fun at.

Facebook vs Snapchat

More Millenials are on Facebook, while Gen Z crowds Snapchat.

Skinny jeans vs Baggy jeans

Skinny jeans are a complete no-no for Gen Z. They associate skinny jeans with Millenials.

Use of emojis

The hugely popular laughing emoji is now an archaic practice. The latest trend is not to use so many emojis or to use a crying emoji instead of the laughing one.

Middle parting vs side parting

Parting your hair from the side has now become a thing of the past. Middle parting is now the rule.

Are you guilty of any of these Millennial trademarks? Or you are abreast with the latest trends? Maybe you do realize in some years Gen Z, too will lose their trendy spot to a newer generation.

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