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Is Picrew a Web site?

Is Picrew a Web site?


We are here to answer your question, “Is Picrew a Web site?”. Yes and no. The answer depends on how you define a website. A website is a collection of information accessed through the internet. Picrew is not just accessible through the internet, but it also contains information about different topics such as events, locations, people, and many more. So yes, Picrew is both an event calendar and a website.

I don’t know what picrew is, but I don’t think it’s a website.

Picrew is a website. It’s also a web app, but Picrew is not a website for clarity.

Though plenty of sites can be accessed through your browser, many people call these “websites” regardless of whether they’re websites (e.g., Facebook). To be clear, though, most things you’d categorize as “sites” aren’t websites—they’re just old HTML pages.

The word “website” isn’t mentioned on the first page of the source code.

The word “website” isn’t mentioned on the first page of the source code.

You might be wondering why this matters. It matters because when you set out to write a website, it’s good practice to know what your target audience will expect from your site and how they’ll use that target product. For example, if you’re writing for a farmer using an old-fashioned computer in rural Missouri (with no Internet connection), you wouldn’t want to include flashy graphics or lots of animations that would slow down their computer. In other words, you’d want them to have an experience similar to visiting a physical store rather than something like an e-commerce website where everything is automated and designed for efficiency. On the other hand, if your audience is young adults who grew up with iPhones and iPads, then maybe animated GIFs would make sense!

If it’s not a website, then maybe it’s an app.

  • If you have a phone and know how to download apps, Picrew is probably an app.
  • If you have a computer and know how to download apps, then Picrew is probably an app.
  • If you have a tablet and know how to download apps, Picrew is probably an app.
  • If you have a watch (like the Apple Watch), and if you know how to download apps (like from the Apple Store), then Picrew is probably an app . . . unless it’s not available on the Apple Store yet! In that case: maybe wait until it becomes available? Or try another store? Or ask someone who uses this kind of thing more often than we do at The Atlantic Wire (or even just Google “how do I get Pi crew”).

Whatever it is, it can be edited.

You can edit any part of Picrew as you see fit, just like any other website. You can edit the source code, the content, the URL and meta tags, and the CSS and HTML and JavaScript and images—you name it. The only thing that isn’t open for editing is Picrew’s main JavaScript file (the one that makes everything work).

It’s called web site because all its content is on the web.

It’s called a website because its contents are on the web.

The word “web” comes from the Latin word “texture,” which means “to weave.” So it refers to how people use computers to move information around on their computer screens, like weaving threads together into cloth.


The short answer to the question is yes. Picrew is a website.

Section: Picrew is a product that offers pay-per-click advertising as a service to businesses that wish to reach customers online.

Section: Picrew provides businesses with an easy way to set up campaigns and track the results of their online advertising efforts.

Section: The Picrew website allows users to create or edit their existing ad campaigns, check reports on those campaigns’ performance, view statistics about other companies’ ads (like keywords searched for by searchers and locations where ads have been displayed), add new advertisers, manage budgets and much more – all from one central location!

Takeaway: The answer depends on what you mean by “website.” If we’re talking strictly about the term “website,” then no – it’s not strictly correct because a website would be something like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, where anyone can create content. However, some control mechanisms are still in place (like comment filters). In this context, however, I think the word “site” means something else entirely…which brings me back around full circle back at my original point, so let’s leave it at that! 😉 If you want more information on how this works out in practice, check out our blog post titled Is Pic crew A Web Site? where we talk about specific examples of how different types of sites fit into this model.”