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Holika Dahan 2020: This is your information to accomplish puja and Narasimha Maha Mantra for blessings

The auspicious and much-awaited competition of colors – Holi will likely be celebrated pan India on March 10 this yr. It may well be a one-day competition for many, however in different portions of the rustic, Holi stays a larger birthday celebration calling for days of arrangements and gaiety. Holika Dahan Puja is carried out an afternoon previous to Holi. 

This yr, Holika Dahan Puja will happen on March Nine and it’s also broadly referred to as Chhoti Holi.  The competition of Holi celebrates the victory of excellent over evil. 

Holika Dahan Puja Vidhi:

On Holika Dahan, other people get in combination and organise a bonfire. So, prior to the puja starts you’ll take bathtub and put on contemporary garments.

Stay your puja ki thali in a position with necessities substances akin to a Kalash of water, Haldi, Kumkum, Chandan, rice grains, plants, coconut, jaggery and gulal.

Within the night, be offering those to the bonfire set and pray to the Almighty God.

In keeping with, listed here are the dates and Puja Muhurat Timings. 

Holika Dahan Puja Timings: 

Holika Dahan on Monday, March 9, 2020
Holika Dahan Muhurta – 18:26 to 20:52
Length – 02 Hours 26 Minutes

Rangwali Holi on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Bhadra Punchha – 09:37 to 10:38
Bhadra Mukha – 10:38 to 12:19

Holika Dahan right through Pradosh with Udaya Vyapini Purnima

Purnima Tithi Starts – 03:03 on Mar 09, 2020
Purnima Tithi Ends – 23:17 on Mar 09, 2020

Holi, sometimes called Dhulandi is marked at the day after Holika Dahan. It is when other people play with colors and usher within the celebrations.

Narasimha Maha Mantra

उग्रं वीरं महा विष्णुम ज्वलन्तम सर्वतो मुखम

नृसिंहं भीषणम भद्रम मृत्युर्मृत्युम नाममि:अहम्

Ugram Veeram Maha Vishnum Jwalantam Sarvato Mukham

Nrisimham Bheeshanam Bhadram Mritoymrityum Namamyaham

Chanting of Narasimha Maha Mantra right through Holika Dahan rituals is regarded as to be auspicious and may also be useful in in quest of blessings of the Lord. 

As you chant the Narasimha mantra, take Parikrama or Pradakshina (circumambulation) of the bonfire. Stay pouring water from the Kalash as you stroll across the Holika.

After this, the coconut is obtainable to the Holika and allotted among family and friends because the prasad. Have the prasad and search the blessings of the Lord.

Additionally, as soon as the bonfire extinguishes, you’ll take the ashes house and follow some for your brow.

This is wishing our readers an excessively Satisfied and Protected Holi!

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