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Can I correct the Voter ID card details in Gujarat?

Can I correct the Voter ID card details in Gujarat

Can I correct the Voter ID card details in Gujarat?

This article will show the steps to correct Voter ID card details in Gujarat.

new voter id card application form online registration Gujarat

  • You can apply for a new voter ID card application form online registration in Gujarat, offline or by post.
  • You can submit your application anytime, whether it is during summer, winter or monsoon season.
  • Apply by post if you want to get a new voter ID issued from your current address and do not have the required documents with you in person when applying at the nearest election office in Gujarat or through any other state government website which provides information about voter registration form online submission process and how to get my vendor id card?

I want to change my name to the Voter ID card.

You can change your name on your Voter ID card by filling in the required details and submitting it to the Election Commission of India.

A voter ID card is a proof of identity and address for Indian citizens above 18. The Election Commission of India issues it to all eligible voters within its jurisdiction. The Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is also a cavoter’svoter’s identity card or electoral photo identity certificate by different states in India. However, they are the same documents issued by ECI at the national level.

All citizens who want to vote must have a valid EPIC with them on polling day; this rule applies even if one has not voted earlier but wishes to cast their vote during elections now or in future too – such as first-time voters below 18 years old, who would get their first EPIC when they turn 18 years old after which they can use it during elections till they die or become disqualified from voting due some legal reason like being convicted under criminal law etc.

How to correct Voter ID card details in Gujarat?

You can correct your name and address on the voter ID card by filling out form 8A. Form 8A is available at the district collector’s office. You can also get it online or from a polling booth.

To make corrections to your name, address or gender on your Voter ID Card, you must fill out Form 8A and submit photocopies of proof of identity (POI) and proof of residence (POR). You will also need to submit two passport-sized photographs that comply with the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) standards.

Documents required for Voter ID card offline

  • Voter ID card
  • Voter ID card application form (if you are applying for the first time)
  • Voter ID card application form (if you are using it for the second time)

Can I update my name and address on the electoral roll online?

You can apply online by visiting the election commission website and filling out the form. You will need your voter ID card, name, date of birth and residential address. Once you submit this information, your details will be verified by the election commission, and you will receive a confirmation email from them once your application is processed.

If you have any queries regarding updating your name or address on the electoral roll online, then please contact us using our contact us page or call us on +91-9273822336 during working hours between 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Sunday Indian Standard Time (IST).

Can I make corrections by visiting the polling booth?

If you have already visited the polling booth and voted, or if the election commission has informed you that your name is missing from the voter’s list, there is no need to worry. You can visit the polling booth and request a correction in your voter ID card details.

Can I make corrections through the post?

Yes, you can send your application form through post. But, first, ensure you have filled in the details correctly and attached the required documents with your application form.

You can also send your application form through registered post or courier services and speed post/e-Karnataka. You will get a receipt from the postal department confirming that they received your application form.

What is Form 8 A?

Form 8 A is used to make corrections in the electoral roll. It can correct any error you may find in your voter cards, such as your name, address or photograph.

There are certain conditions which must be met before you can apply for registration of a change of name or address. If you fulfil all these conditions, you will get an application form for correction of information from ElCommission’s website – You will also get a link from this website where you can download Form 8 A . After downloading it fill it up with all necessary details and submit it at your nearest polling station or election office within 30 days after publishing of electoral roll by ECI.

Is it possible to apply online for corrections or changes in the electoral roll?

Yes, applying online for corrections or changes in the electoral roll is possible.

To download the form 8A from the website of the state election commission and submit it at your nearest election office or post office:

  • Go to this link:
  • Scroll down until you see Form 8A and click on it
  • Fill in details, upload your photograph and print out a copy of the filled-in form

What is the time limit for making a correction request?

You can make a correction request within 45 days of the declaration of election results, 90 days of the order of election results, 120 days of the principle of election results, or 150 days of the word of election results.

After getting a recommendation from Chief Electoral Officer, you can also make a correction request within 180 days with special permission from Election Commission.


The Election Commission of India issues a ID Card to all citizens of India who are 18 or above. The voter ID card is just like any other Identity Card, which allows an individual to cast their vote during elections. However, it is essential to note that only persons with valid Voter ID cards are eligible to vote in an election. Therefore, to get a new ID Card or make changes to your existing one, you will have to follow the process laid out by the Election Commission of India (ECI).