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Binge Worthy: 5 Actually Unsettling Horror Films to Stream Subsequent

This week, Netflix’s Kaali Khuhi (‘Black Well’ in English) gave cine lovers some chills with its experimental storyline and scary vibes. Films based on similar themes like Bulbbul and Stree too were loved by the audience. They may not fall in the traditional genre of “scary horror” films but they are as unsettling as any good scary movie could be. If you want to explore more in the genre, we list 5 off-beat horror movies of 2020 to pick for your next watch.

The Invisible Man

Premise: Not every horror film needs a ghost and a supernatural creature to creep you out, sometimes it can be people close to you. The Invisible Man hinges on to this theme and offers a suspenseful horror-thriller. Being stalked and gaslit by an ex-boyfriend scientist who believes to have acquired the power of being invisible, Cecilia Kass is dragged to her knees. But she takes matter into her hands and then there’s no turning back.

Where to Watch: YouTube

Black Box

Premise: Nightmares can be rough, but whatever you see in a dream might not be just an illusion. Nolan Wright is struggling with the same thought. After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes a distressing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

The Grudge

Premise: A gruesome murder has taken place under mysterious circumstances. As detective Muldoon takes over the case, she realises that the man died in a cursed house. While she wants to free the curse and solve the mystery, she also fears about the safety of her own family. With enough jumpscare moments and obscure background intrusions, this fourth instalment in the American The Grudge film series can be an intriguing watch.

Where to Watch: YouTube


Premise: It’s a story of twin sisters. One is an overachiever crowd puller, while the other is shy and timid. When they join an elite arts academy, the latter begins to outshine the other. How? She discovers a mysterious notebook belonging to a recently deceased classmate and the tables turn. It may not fall in the traditional horror film genre where you need to turn the night light on but it has its share of thrill and suspense.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video


Premise: A zombie apocalypse, a video game and a lonely man are what constitutes the premise of #Alive. You might not have many jumpscare moments but the tense ambience and the uneasiness in this smart Korean film will make you clench your blanket.

Where to Watch: Netflix