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After ‘China In Doklam’ Satellite tv for pc Pictures, Rahul Gandhi’s Dig At Centre

Rahul Gandhi has been relentlessly attacking the government over its handling of ties with China.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s relentless criticism of the government has continued over China, the coronavirus pandemic, and the economy even as senior leaders of his party have been questioning the leadership over the recent performance in Bihar state election and bypolls elsewhere.

This morning, the 50-year-old ex-Congress chief hit out at the government over renewed China threat in Doklam, and wrote on Twitter: “China’s geopolitical strategy cannot be countered by a PR driven media strategy. This simple fact seems to elude the minds of those running GOI.” 

In the tweet, Mr Gandhi shared an NDTV report on Doklam. New satellite images accessed by NDTV hint at renewed China threat in Doklam. In addition to setting up a village more than two kilometres within Bhutanese territory on the eastern periphery of the contested Doklam plateau, China has built a road in the same area that stretches approximately 9 kilometres inside Bhutanese territory, the images show.

India and China have also been locked in a standoff in Ladakh since May. The border tensions have been mentioned often on Twitter by Mr Gandhi, Congress MP from Kerala’s Wayanad, as he questioned the government over the worsening China ties.

However, Mr Gandhi’s fresh attack comes in the middle of the latest controversy to hit his party. On Sunday, Ghulam Nabi Azad, one of the key dissenters in the party, made a stinging remark on Bihar election debacle. “Elections are not fought from five-star hotels… We can’t win until we change this culture,” he said.

“Our party’s structure has collapsed. We need to rebuild our structure and then if any leader is elected in that structure, it will work,” Mr Azad said in an interview to news agency ANI.


Mr Azad’s comments came nearly a week after Kapil Sibal had been critical of the party leadership in an interview to the Indian Express. Mr Sibal had advised the Congress to “recognise that we are in decline”.

As the senior party colleagues coming out to express their views, Mr Gandhi has been relentlessly attacking the government. 

“Modi Govt’s unplanned lockdown pushed millions into poverty, jeopardised the health of citizens and compromised the future of students due to digital divide. This is the bitter truth which GOI tries to cover up by its blatant lies,” Mr Gandhi tweeted yesterday. Over the last week, he has also posted tweets about the pandemic and the national economic.