A Quick Guide to Using Psychographic Segmentation to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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In a world without psychographic segmentation, marketers would only be able to segment users based on their actions and not based on their likes and dislikes. This would mean that marketers would not be able to establish an effective match between products and each users’ likes or needs. And that certainly would be a sad world for both marketers and consumers.

In such a world, you would receive notifications for maternity wear if you are a female over 25 years of age.

Sounds a little less thoughtful, right?

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Strike the right chord with your audience

Psychographic segmentation studies people’s attitudes and interests along with demographic data and creates complex profiles of target markets and audiences. With psychographic segmentation, you would be equipped with the information required to recommend your users with content in your streaming app based on the dominant content category viewed. And for the delivery part, try sending the notification at the time when they prefer to watch it. Bingo! You can now see how your engagement rates increase.

Smart marketers swear by sending contextual psychographic notifications as they boost conversion rates.

Here are some ways in which marketers can leverage psychographic segmentation:

  • Leverage emotional triggers while advertising

Famous film critic Roger Ebert once said, “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions never lie to you.” Such is the power of emotions in everything we do, ranging from choosing what we eat to where we choose to spend our holidays.

Online advertising heavily relies on the efficacy of an emotionally compelling copy to get the user’s attention. Add to it the nuanced insights psychographic segmentation armors marketers with, and watch your engagement rates soar. However, while leveraging emotions, marketers need to exercise balance, because what may appeal to one user might annoy another.

  • Take your A/B testing to the next level

Using psychographics, marketers can uncover deeper insights into what led the user to choose one campaign over the other. In this case, psychographics would be suggestive and the marketer will have to make the final call about which data is actionable.

  • Venture into new content territories

With psychographic segmentation, marketers can broaden their scope of topics covered but still create pieces of content that are essential to growing the business. For example, an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling gourmet tea can create content on caffeine sensitivity and caffeine-free tisanes, and broaden their audience base with psychographic segmentation.

  • Engage based on dominant interests

Psychographic segmentation equips marketers with the knowledge to predict those segments of users who are more likely to favorably respond to an offer or promotion. Using psychographics, marketers can make more informed decisions and spend budgets wisely.

  • Improve your conversion rates

Incorporating psychographic analysis into your measurement process can help you determine the impact of consumer psychographic factors in making purchase decisions. This can help you improve or tweak your customer experience to ensure optimal conversion rates.

With psychographic analysis, you will be able to ascertain if the copy on your landing page is contributing to a lower conversion rate or if your brand messaging is at odds with your consumers.

  • Reinforce your brand values with aspirational messaging

With psychographic segmentation, brands can put their values on full display in their communication and incorporate it into their messaging.

  • Update your buyer personas

As brands evolve, buyer personas can change over time. By updating brand personas, brands can fine-tune their communication and ensure that they are relevant to their current user base. This can ensure more potent communication and eliminate the chances of miscommunication.

Psychographic segmentation can form an important part of every marketer’s arsenal. With all-in-one analytics and engagement platform CleverTap, marketers can conduct psychographic segmentation easily. Combining the insights generated from analytics and segmentation into a robust engagement plan is the key for marketers to achieve success

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