6 Latest Mobile App Development Technologies for Startups

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Mobile Applications are ruling the innovation world today. Researches shows that application downloads across the world are going to increase to more than 329 billion by the year 2021. Google and Apple store’s combined average revenue by the end of the 1st quarter of 2019 was $135 million. Applications have become an integral part of an individual, an organization, or any business. The Application industry has covered every domain like sports, education, food, travel, hospitality, shopping, and so on. With such immense popularity, also comes the never-ending competition. Although many Mobile Application Development companies have come up with the idea of developing applications that are popular among users, however, this method doesn’t work for every business.

To attract users to your application, one need to create an application that is trending, have an exceptional user interface, and match the current standard of the market. An Android Application Development Company can achieve this task precisely. They need to acquire knowledge of the latest technology and develop an application that is highly user-friendly and robust. With the correct App development technology, the developers can come up with some unique approaches that can help in business. So, here in the following article, we’re going to look at some of these latest technologies that are currently riling the development market.

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6 latest Mobile App Techs


Flutter is an Open-Source SDK created for mobile application development. It is being managed by Google. Flutter is used to develop Cross-Platform interfaces for both iOS and Android Applications.

Flutter uses Dart as a programming language and eliminated the need of rewriting the same code for different platforms. Apart from the reusability feature, Flutter is highly robust and flexible in nature, which makes it one of the broadly used application development technologies in 2020.

Google Ads, Refectly, Xianayu by Alibaba, and many more renowned have adopted Flutter for their applications.


Java is the oldest yet still the most used technology that is used to develop applications. Java is based on Object-oriented programming and is termed as the official language of Android App development. This language is easy to understand and is still considered as the most secure technology for Application development.

Being the oldest application, developers are already aware of their functionalities, capabilities, and libraries. For enterprises and the financial sector, applications are developed in Java language due to its security offerings. Furthermore, Java is a well-documented application and has extensive community support. Applications like Telegram, VLC Media player, and many more are built on Java.

React native

React is one of the most popular application development frameworks in the current environment. React can also be used for cross-platform application interface development and is much easier to learn. React Native is also Open-source and allows developers to develop applications using Javascript and ReactJS.

ReactJS is developed and Maintained by Facebook. Having Facebook as its provider and a vast community of developers on its side, React has gained a lot of popularity across the developer community in a short period of time. With React Native, one can easily develop cross-platform applications with the same look and feel as a native application.

Airbnb, UberEats, Facebook Ads manager are some of the examples that use React Native.


Google has declared Kotlin as the official language of Android development. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that can be used for developing android applications. Kotlin is a modern form of java and is termed as a replacement for Java Language.

Kotlin is interoperable with Java also making it a better option to replace Java. Kotlin is popular among developers due to its safety features, its clarity, and the support of tools. Kotlin has already influenced some of the programming languages like Scala, Gosu, Java, etc.

Pinterest, Evernote, Trello are some of the examples of Applications developed in Kotlin Language.


Python has gained a significant amount of popularity since its inception and is widely used among developers as it is easy-to-use, faster to execute, and easy-to-deploy. Application in Python is developed as they are easily scalable with this technology.

Python is also an object-oriented language and on top of that, this language is highly dynamic and open-source. This is the most portable language with functionalities like built-in debuggers with GUI Programming and exceptional community support.

YouTube, Instagram, Survey Monkey, are some of the applications that are developed in this language.

R Programming

R is something different from all the application development tools mentioned up until now. This language is specially built to support more data analytics and machine learning-based projects. This is a platform-independent language that is used to create more statistics computing and graphics with the help of built-in libraries.

Furthermore, the built-in libraries and tools are so powerful that they can be used to develop high functioning machine learning algorithms also.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the latest and most used programming languages and frameworks that can be used for application development in 2021. For a startup, these are some of the best technologies to choose from for application development. It is recommended to get in touch with professionals or an Android App Development Company to understand which among these languages and technologies the world is the best fit for your solution.

Let us know any other application that you think we’ve to look for in the coming years in the comment section.

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James Walker is a professional Android App Developer and has a vast knowledge in this field. Being a tech enthusiast, he loves to write about technology and what’s new in the world of innovation. He is holding 10+ years of experience in android app development and various other frameworks. James is a passionate and professional guy who always comes with a great idea and updates that help people to know something better.

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