SMX Toronto panel examines the latest in search retargeting

The Search Marketing Expo (SMX), a meeting of search engine marketing and internet marketing professionals of all skill levels and experience, was held in Toronto April 28-29. The event offered a face-to-face forum to discuss optimizing paid search, successful search business strategies, search analytics, new media, platforms and technology, and the fundamentals of SEO and getting found in non-paid, organic search engine results.

Chris Sukornyk, CEO of search retargeter Chango, spoke as part of a SMX Toronto panel on “Retargeting: New Opportunities for Search Marketers.”

“I was thrilled to participate,” Sukornyk told RetargetingNews. “Search marketers are uniquely positioned to own the new world of display advertising. Search and site retargeting are two techniques they will use to achieve success.”

Sukornyk spoke about how retargeting represents one of the easiest paths for a search marketer to get started with display. Retargeting  is not just about talking to previous site visitors—search retargeting is actually a prospecting tool, targeting people who have performed a search that matters to your campaign but who have not yet visited your site.

The retargeting panel was moderated by Josh Dreller, VP Media Technology and Analytics, Fuor Digital. Other speakers were Art Muldoon (Co-founder & CEO, Accordant Media) and Jeff Huter (VP, Agency Development, eXelate).

“The display market has new opportunities for search marketers to grow their business using the scale of search-based activity from commerce sites,” Jeff Huter, eXelate’s VP of Agency Development told RetargetingNews. “For example, eXelate has over 2 million shoppers actively in the market for a new SUV. This group is assembled by eXelate based on the site-side search activity of automotive shopping sites and is available to target using display advertising.”

SMX Toronto organizers say there is a real-time bidding revolution occurring in online display marketing right now and search marketers seem best equipped to take advantage. The panel aimed to teach attendees how to get involved in exchange buying, how to expand opportunities for increasing traffic, and how to build accounts and develop business leads.