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Admazely: the easiest DIY platform yet

The DIY trend within retargeting is continuing to grow. While the incumbents within the industry such as Criteo and Adroll still rely on professional services, new vendors are placing a greater emphasis on the user’s ability to plan, launch and report on retargeting programs, without shelling out several thousand dollars in consulting fees. The most recent addition to the crop Click Here to Read More →

A Facebook Exchange Primer

It's been nearly six months since the launch of the Facebook Exchange, Facebook's own real-time bidding platform that has made retargeting possible on Facebook. After the initial beta over the summer, the Exchange took the display world by storm with stories of exceptional performance and unprecedented success. Here's a quick look at some of the success stories we've seen thus Click Here to Read More →

Retargeting: It’s Not Just for Ecommerce

Retargeting has become the go-to strategy for many a digital marketer, but for those who aren't using it, it's often assumed that retargeting is exclusively an ecommerce tool. Though retargeting can be a highly effective way to win back shopping cart abandoners, this is far from the only instance where retargeting can work its wonders. It is likely true Click Here to Read More →

Better Banner Ads Through Science

Science makes everything better; better football through chemistry, better cycling through phlebotomy…  Okay, maybe those are bad examples. Still, the point is that human behavior is anything but an exact science. Like pro football or the Tour de France, enticing users to click on a banner ad is highly unpredictable. You may design what you think is the most aesthetically Click Here to Read More →

Game-changer: What will Criteo’s $39 million cash influx mean for the future of the industry?

Display advertising firm Criteo announced last week that it raked in 30 million euros ($38.9 million) in series D (fourth-round) funding, putting it in a position to challenge Adroll as the world's largest retargeting company. The funding was led by SoftBank Capital (whose portfolio includes Yahoo Japan and E*TRADE) to support building out its platform and international expansion. SAP Ventures Click Here to Read More →

Win back shopping cart abandoners (and build repeat business)

There are two customer targets that all too often don't get the attention they deserve. One is the customer you almost had; the other is the customer you already had. Today I want to talk about strategies to bring shopping cart abandoners back for a sale. I also want to discuss ways to bring existing customers back for repeat business. Andrew Click Here to Read More →

Retargeting Advertising To Accelerate Your Buying Funnel

Every marketer wants users flowing through their buying funnel faster. It's easy to get prospects engaged with your brand (think Social Media), but it's much harder to move people down the different stages of the buying funnel. Having performed retargeting on countless product launches, I'm going to give you a time-tested and proven method for doing exactly this with retargeting.

The Click Here to Read More →

What to consider when searching for a retargeting vendor

What can retargeting do for you? I usually talk about the vendors who offer site retargeting, search retargeting or both. Today I'm going to talk to the people who hire them. It's important to remember they're the ones we do this for. If you're trying to find the right retargeting company, you need to know what your goals areand what kind of Click Here to Read More →
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